Google for Education


The Bow & Dunbarton School Districts recognize that success in a 21st century classroom requires the use and integration of a variety of technology tools by both students and staff. The integration of a variety of technology tools by both students and staff is a requirement to prepare our students for their future. Currently, our students are using technology to create and publish their work, as well as collaborate and communicate with others. 

The Bow School District presently utilizes Google Apps for Education for all of our staff members, and a subset of the communication and collaboration tools for our students. In order for students to receive and utilize a Google Apps for Education account, they must follow the policies stated in the Bow School District's “Internet Acceptable Use Policy”, Policy # IJNDB-R. or Dunbarton School District's EGA, JICL or JICL-R Policy. Students must also abide by the requirements and terms listed below.

Requirements and Terms

Age Appropriate Differentiation of Available Tools

For the purpose of the BowNET & DESNET Google Apps for Education program, students are organized into Organizational Units (OU) according to elementary, middle and high school levels. This allows the District to provide access to different tools and different levels of permissions based upon the grade level of the student. For example;

Student Data Privacy and Security

The Bow & Dunbarton School Districts understands the importance of keeping student data private and secure, and takes its responsibility to protect student information seriously. The District adheres to all local policies and state and federal laws regarding student and staff data privacy.

The district will not enable any applications or tools that are not specifically covered under the Google Apps for Education Terms of Service. 

Additional information about the specific Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Security Information can be found on the 'All Polices' page.