For Students

Expanded Internet Access

Bow High School offers a higher access level called 'expanded' to students who take and pass this attached test. Expanded internet access only works on school issued Chromebook and devices. It will not work on personal devices or the Bow_PPSK network. If you pass the Expanded Internet Access test you will receive an email notification and your access level will be upgraded in due time.

Students who have expanded internet access and are found in violation of the Bow Acceptable use policies or other school polices regarding information technology or tampering with computer and networking hardware will lose expanded access indefinitely.

It should be noted that Expanded Internet Access is not a golden ticket to near open internet access at BHS. For example, social media services such as: Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, Facebook, and others will remain blocked even if the student passes the Expanded Internet Access Test.

Before you Proceed:

Take a moment to read over the school's policies on Chromebooks and internet usage.

Acceptable Use Policy - Click Here

Chromebook Device Policy - Click Here

Personal Networked Device Agreement - Click Here

Notice on VPNs

VPNs are a violation of school policies, they are illegal to use on Bow_PPSK.


E-Waste, old electronics, and recycled computers are not available for taking by students. E-Waste is not for sale either.

Hardware Tampering

It is a VIOLATION of school polices to tamper with any school computer hardware, software, or networking infrastructure. All computer and network systems are monitored extensively and SAU 67 Information Technology will know within seconds if something has been tampered with. This also applies to installed audio-visual systems, sound systems, and all systems in the auditorium.

White-Hat Hacking

We understand that students may want to test their computer skills by finding loopholes, vulnerabilities, and other actions that test our network. While we appreciate the effort we require you to refrain from this activity unless given explicit permission. 

Can IT Fix my Phone or Personal Device?

In the large majority of cases no, IT is only responsible for school devices.

Can I print from my Student Chromebook?

Due to IT policies students are not allowed to print from their school issued Chromebook or even a school computer. This option is only available to teachers and staff. Instead students may send appropriate files to print to a teacher or staff member. If the teacher or staff member sees fit, they will print the file.

Payload Injectors

Any payload injector used on a school computer is a violoation of the acceptable use agreement. This falls under hardware tampering and will be considered hacking of school computer equipment. A revoke of internet access will be instant.

Port Scanning and Searching for Vulnerabilities.

Port scanning and searching for vulnerabilities of the school network falls under white hat hacking. As outlined above this is not an acceptable use of school equipment and will result in loss of internet access.