RF & Wireless

At a Glance

While the Bow School District may be in a somewhat quiet area for RF and radios signals it does create lots of radio signals for a variety of reasons. This page will give a basic outline on this to ensure proper RF coordination between users and buildings. This page will not cover Dunbarton Elementary School as their building is off campus and at this time does not need RF coordination.

This page will also contain useful information for those coming to Bow High School and other Bow Schools to host an event.
For questions regarding RF coordination email Connor at: cparzick@bownet.org


The 2.4GHz and 5GHz ISM spectrum is currently allocated to BowNET Wi-Fi only. Most if not all Wi-Fi channels in both bands are in use between all schools. This is due to our expansive Wi-Fi system that ensures total coverage in all buildings in all rooms and hallways. Event hosts should not setup their own Wi-Fi system and instead work with SAU 67 IT to find a solution to their internet connectivity needs. To re-phrase: Wi-Fi access points, wireless routers, range extenders, and mesh networks should not be deployed at the Bow School District for temporary or long term use for events, event hosts should work with SAU 67 IT to find a solution.

Wireless Microphones

The Bow School District has nearly 40 wireless microphones operating in massive chunks of the radio spectrum. This is especially the case at Bow High School with the Auditorium. Any new wireless microphone installations should be coordinated with SAU 67 IT as to prevent cross talk and interference. For temporary event installations this will also need to be coordinated with SAU 67 IT.
Wireless Microphones at Bow School District weather installed or temporary may not operate in the following bands: 600 MHz (this is illegal), 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz (DECT), and 5GHz.

Wireless microphones at the Bow School District operate in the UHF, 900MHz, and VHF Low band parts of the spectrum.

For Wireless Microphone Coordination at the Bow School District email Connor at: cparzick@bownet.org

Wireless Intercoms and Cordless Land Line Telephones

The 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz or DECT part of the radio spectrum is allocated in the school district to wireless intercoms district wide and cordless telephones at BHS. The 1.9GHz section is allocated at BHS for a multi channel wireless intetrcom system.

Two Way Radios (Walkie Talkies)

The Bow School District maintains and operates its own multi site VHF two way radio system town wide. Any and all school business must be conducted on Bow & Dunbarton School District radios. Faculty and Staff may not bring in or provide their own two way radio equipment or radio system. All equipment operating on our radio system must be approved for use with our equipment plan as well receive Part 90 approval from the FCC. 

For Event Organizers:

Use of Bow School District radios is determined on a case by case basis. However, event organizers may provide their own two way radios as long as they:

Interference to Bow School District radios is taken seriously, event organizers or other guests who are causing interference with Bow School District radios will be asked to change frequencies or cease operation.

For FRS & GMRS Radios:

For itinerant Frequency Users:

Unlicensed Frequency Use:
The FCC Prohibits the use of frequncies which are not licensed by the end user. Unlicensed radio use is against the law and runs the risk of causing interference with licensed users, including public safety agencies.
Event users which are found to be running on unathorised freqeunceis will be asked to move down to a license free radio service such as FRS or cease operation entirely. 

For Two Way Radio Information and Coordination at the Bow School District email Connor at: cparzick@bownet.org